Orchids of Samoa

by Drs. Philip Cribb and W. Arthur Whistler


Orchids of Samoa is an illustrated orchid flora of the Polynesian archipelago of Samoa. It is written by one of the world's experts on the orchid family, Dr. Phillip Cribb, in collaboration with Dr. W. Arthur Whistler, who has worked on the flora of Samoa for over 30 years and has personally collected over 90% of the species ever recorded from the islands. It is richly illustrated with 83 close-up color photos taken by the second author and 27 plates of detailed line drawings.

The book begins with an introductory chapter, which includes sections on physical geography, climate, vegetation, origin of the vascular flora, botanical exploration, history of the orchids, origins of the orchids, and pertinent references. A second chapter discusses the structure of orchids, followed by an artificial key to the 44 genera found in Samoa. The main body of the text is the flora itself, with the genera arranged in the currently conceived taxonomic order. The discussion of the genus includes a generic botanical description and, if more than one species is present in Samoa, a taxonomic key. The following information for each of the 100 species is included: (1) scientific name and authority; (2) synonyms and authorities; (3) botanical description; (4) distribution; (5) habitat; and (6) a list of all specimens of that species collected in Samoa. The last few pages of the book comprise an index to scientific names.

Because of the quality photos and the botanical descriptions, this book is ideal for identifying all of the orchids present in Samoa, as well many of the species found in the surrounding islands and archipelagoes.

Pages: 141 Color Photos: 83
Size: 6.1 x 9.6 inches Binding: soft bound
Cost: $35 (retail only) Publisher: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Publication Date: 1996